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The original version of The Upward Stream with orchestra has been performed throughout the United States, as well as in Berlin, Warsaw and other European cities, and Canada, Czech Republic, England, South Korea, and Taiwan/R.O.C.

The Symphonic Band arrangement of The Upward Stream
was premiered by the Indiana University Symphonic Band,
February 5, 2013.

duration: 20 minutes

(1985 orchestra)
(2013 symphonic band)

2 flutes, piccolo (fl. III), 2 oboes, 4 clarinets,
bass clarinet,
2 bassoons, contrabassoon,
soprano saxophone,
alto saxophone,
tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone,
3 B-flat trumpets, 4 horns (F),
2 trombones,
bass trombone,
euphonium, tuba,
string bass, piano, timpani, 4 percussion,
solo tenor saxophone

The solo tenor saxophone part is exactly the same for
performance with orchestra, wind symphony, or piano.

The Symphonic Band score and the
solo part with piano arrangement are
available through music stores, including:

Eble Music Co. (319) 338-0313 www.eble.com

The Symphonic Band parts
are available for rental at
Pecktackular Music (336) 288-7034