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Signs of Life is an ideal piece to satisfy your audience and musicians alike.

The Los Angeles Times said that Signs of Life II is "filled with all manner of string techniques applied in imaginative ways. The piece is so engaging as to make one wish to hear it again, and soon."

"fresh, accessible, well-written music"
Grand Rapids Press

"an inventive piece of music"
Salt Lake Tribune

Orchestras around the world agree. The complete work and various movements have had hundreds of performances by orchestras across the United States, and in Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Norway and Romania.

Signs of Life II is a piece that musicians love to play and audiences especially enjoy. Movement I is a spirited Allegro, Movement II a lush Arioso, and Movement III an amazing display of energy, using engaging rhythms and melodic lines.

Signs of Life II was originally Signs of Life, a two movement piece, Arioso (6') and Scherzo (6').
Signs of Life II added the Allegro first movement (3'30") to create the three-movement work.

"the rare ability to entice listeners without writing down to them...deftly scored...invigorating and deserving of repeated hearings."
Detroit Free Press

total duration: 15'30"


full symphony strings or reduced to minimum of 3,3,2,2,1




Albany Records TROY 040


signs of life